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Inner Adventure

A workshop in 4 sessions

Inner Adventure is the ideal course for your personal growth and inner fulfilmentMethod:
A lively workshop of games, lectures, slide-shows, exercises, meditations and exchanges
rich in discoveries for your inner well-being. To gain a greater understanding and:
.Harmonize the way in which you manage your environment
.Give your body what it needs
.Handle your emotions and affectivity to experience a more joyful life
.Structure your mind to manage your life more positively
.Nurture your cosmic and spiritual being

: Some of the 4 sessions’ topics

First session
Basics & roots
Transform your environment to harmonize your life
Realize your potential and improve your natural gifts
Canalize your power so that it fuels your material and spiritual achievement

Body, Temple of the Spirit
Do you really accept and respect your body?
Statistics confirm that the number of vegans is increasing. Discover how to eleminate the five most harmful substances for your health.
Unbalanced sexual energy can generate a frustrating life. Why not learn how to canalize it in order to raise your vibratory level and attain bliss?

Second session
Emotions and Affection
Learn how to filter energies of fear, anger and agressiveness and transform them into strength.
Loneliness is a big problem in today’s society… Learn how to not feel alone anymore.
Do you have energy drains? Find out about how to clarify the reasons of these drains and how to solve them.
Have you been going through suffering, despair and lack of love? Experience a force of love that intensifies your contact with your soul.
Learn to perceive your energy, your chakras, your aura.

Third session
Universe of the Mind
The present stems from the past, and to build a harmonious future one should free oneself from old conditionings, transform one’s flaws into qualities, and start connecting to one’s intuition.
Starting anew from a Superior level, learn how to clean away problems and limitations that may have been existing in your life.
Practise a new way of positive-thinking…

Fourth session
Spiritual Dimension

Experiencing the polarities in one’s inferior, exterior, interior and superior being.
Discovering, beyond the physical plane, the existence of other dimensions.
Connecting with the programme of one’s incarnation.
Deciding to fully realize one’s total potential , opening oneself to superconsciousness and assuming one’s cosmic responsability.
Achieving transcendance through meditation.

Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polski

Daniel: I receive very important keys. I really could perceive the different parts of my being, and I was able to discern the origin of my problems, and how I could manage them. This is really a very important sensitization workshop!

Carol: « When I came for this workshop, it helped me restructure my ideas to be able to restore a kind of mental chart that installed an order in my consciousness; that is why it is much easier for me now to manage the various planes and to deal with them, because the energy is fluid. »

Marc: I received a quality teaching because I could really feel that you already had truly integrated all that which you were giving us. I really could feel that I was receiving very important codes to learn how to better master my life,  because I know that yet a part of my system is in a rather exploded state. This workshop is very precious, and it is up to me to practice it now. This is extremely positive.

Helen: I was able to learn a lot about my self . I certainly could feel that I already knew the bases of it, and a few things, beforehand. But finally, in this workshop, I really learnt more finely how managed life. I must keep all this information inside and try to apply it in daily life. Therefore, all this was really fine.