Protecting the Secret Garden

Marvellous flowers illuminate the secret garden of the soul.
We undergo incessant pressure from the fairly hard environment that surrounds us.
For this reason, it is good to build a fence, a protection for the inner garden.
The word "paradise" could be related to the Sanskrit word "paradesa" which means inner wall, or fence.
In order that our subtle flowers of goodness and love bloom inside us, we need to water this
inner garden every day and think about protecting it with a very solid energetic aura.

Be Cosmic

Every day we have the opportunity to become as beautiful as God conceived us.
We are a cosmic being, and we have the power to change the situation of the material being and the subtle being that are in us.
It is actually possible to come out of an inferiorisation of our life, since we are susceptible
to pass to another level of energy-consciousness and mastery.
To achieve this, it is important to break away from uncontrolled instinct and emotion.
In this way, we can find again the identity of our signature that is tuneable to Unity.

Increase our dharma

Life gives nothing to those who bring nothing to life.
Dharma is the act of resolving a situation that, interdimensionally, must not continue.
For this to happen, it is a good idea to create harmony everywhere and not only on the formal plane.
To increase our dharma, we do not necessarily have to accomplish
brilliant actions of recognised public service.
Sometimes it is enough to be present when someone comes to us
or when we know this person is having some difficulty.


To understand the essential, it is not enough to achieve an inner synthesis of different elements. It
is also important to feel a kind of inner vibration that is connected to the higher spirit.
Moments of light are privileged instants where, all of a sudden, mortal consciousness and immortal
spirit communicate by a fine energy line that allows us to perceive the essential from the
high summits of the spirit.
Always be alert in order to be able to capture these moments and make them resonate intensely.