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Energy Management
Inner Adventure

Facets of Woman
Man-Woman Complementarity
Facets of Woman

Living the Totality of your Being - 12 planes 1

Living the Totality of your Being - 12 Planes 2
Developing your Energy, Subtle and
Spiritual Bodies


Bruno (Italy):
When I took this workshop, I had specific expectations. For me, it all happened very fast. In the nick of time, I learnt things that met those expectations very closely. I am aware of transformations that took place inside me at mental and emotional levels. At each level of my being, of my body, I now feel in a much refined way. I am aware of the fact that, at the level of psyche, I also have a different material weight. It is the same for my root; in the beginning I could see it very large and long... Therefore, for me, thanks to this new knowledge, this is the beginning of a much faster rise. It seems to me that I now have the possibility to advance and to successfully hold the first elements of the goals that I have defined for myself. I will always think of examining what is truly necessary for me, practically as well as spiritually.

Enea (Italy):
I learnt so many things in this workshop, and so many things inside me have changed! I am very happy with this, and I hope I will always be able to continue on this path. My grateful thanks to all the organisers of the workshop. Thank you!

Marie-Paule (Switzerland):
I want to thank each of the teachers. I have learnt a huge amount of knowledge, and I have the feeling that I am finally back on my own road. I am very happy, this is a wonderful friendship.

Rosa (Italy):
Before, I had somewhat confused ideas about the path that I had to follow, and about the things that I had to put in order inside me. Now, I feel that everything has become very clear. And I also have acquired the necessary thrust to solve certain situations. My thanks to all of you!

Betty (Italy):
I must say that this workshop put me in front of my real situation. My spiritual dimension as well as my material dimension have truly emerged. I am very happy because I could understand what my own path is, even though it is difficult. This is a new start for a new journey. I hope to find, inside myself, the strength to carry on. My thanks to all the organisers, because what I could feel is really very strong.

Analisa (Italy):
I was looking for elements that would help me work on certain parts of myself that sometimes are a problem for me. Here I could find valuable answers. I now need to take the time to experiment with them, to explore with all the things that I learnt.

Michael (Czech Republic):
During this workshop, we spoke of many specific things. I must say that I am very glad, very happy because I could find very many answers, inside me or in the mirror that each of you represented. My thanks to all of you. I pray to God I will not forget too many things and I will be able to continue. Thank you!

Pippo (Italy):
I firstly would like to thank everybody, organisers and participants. I am happy because I feel that this place is truly magical. I had been searching for a very long time, but I could find nothing at all because my energies were too much dispersed. Now, I feel much more concentrated and I can perceive a very beautiful road ahead. I want this with all my strength. My thanks to all of you.

Martin (Canada):
Here I received a quality teaching because I could really feel that you already had truly integrated all that which you were giving us. This is truly something very important when one teaches; but when one receives it, one receives something that has been integrated, and there is certainly a truth behind it. I really could feel that I was receiving very important codes to learn how to better master my energy, how to better manage it, because I know that yet a part of my system is in a rather exploded state. With what I learnt, there will be consequences at short, medium and long terms. This is very precious, and it is up to me to practise it now. This is extremely positive.

Monique (France):
I truly could experience this very intensely, with a more acute perception than in other workshops that I had previously taken. For me, this allowed me to make a synthesis of all levels. I can feel much serenity and calmness inside myself.

Hélène G. (France):
I was able to learn a lot about the different kinds of energies one can be faced with. I certainly could feel that I already knew the bases of it, and a few things, beforehand. But finally, in this workshop, I really learnt more finely the different types of energy that are to be managed in daily life. And it also helped me with my perceptions because I could perceive all the different types of energies, and I could truly specify them one by one. I know there are many more things that can be seen. I must keep all this information inside and try to apply it in daily life. Therefore, all this was really fine.

Tania (Brazil):
For me, this was a workshop in which there was a complementarity. It brought me some balance that made me feel really good. I think that I had been locked inside a small ball. I needed to rebuild myself, and I could not find how to do this. I believe that the whole of the people who were there were forming an equilibrium, and this gave me much strength, much confidence with regards to each person's research.